Private Equity, Real Estate and Alternative Fund Administration

Delphi principals have been involved in the private equity and
alternatives industry for more than 20 years on average. This level of experience in fund administration is extremely difficult to find. We have encountered nearly all situations that can occur throughout the life of a fund and we leverage this experience for clients in a helpful and constructive manner.

Emerging Markets Funds Services

Delphi has particular experience managing activities and funds that are based in developing markets or that invest in them. Whether your fund is small, has a focus outside of typical developed economies or requires solutions that do not work with large inflexible administrators, our Bermuda fund administrators thrive on providing non-standard service offerings.

Hedge Fund Administration Services

Delphi's team has been administering hedge funds for over 15 years. We are experienced in dealing with securities from developing markets, illiquid securites and derivatives, and more traditional hedge fund investments. Delphi uses a portfolio management and accounting system coupled with a customizable shareholder reporting system, and has strong relationships with prominent Bermuda auditors and law firms.

Private Clients and Family
Offices Services

Delphi understands that the needs of private clients are unique and often a higher level of attention is required. Discretion, confidentiality and relationship development are paramount. Delphi understands these needs and combines old-style business values with new-style business tools to create a supportive environment that encourages your business success.

Investment Execution and Settlement

Delphi provides investment management services to family offices and investment advisors seeking to use an outsourced model to operate their investment management activity. Delphi staff handle the entire chain of trade-related events with regard to trading equities, fixed income, options, currency contracts, derivatives, alternatives and private investments.