"Our funds invest in Russian and former CIS private equity deals, while our investors are international. Delphi has been administering our entire stable of funds since 2006 and during that time Delphi has time and again proven their added value not only through provision of their services but also with thoughtful advice."

Adrian Parkinson, CFO, UFG Private Equity

"Runa’s newly formed team found Delphi’s advice, experience and willingness to assist in all areas of the fund setup and early stages of operation a distinct competitive advantage allowing us to focus on our primary roles and responsibilities."

Vera Shokina, Partner, Runa Capital

"Our funds have invested in Japanese enterprises since the 1980’s. I worked closely with Gary and his Bermuda –based team for all of our private equity funds. The team managed the fund itself and the General Partner very capably. With the time difference involved, a worldwide investor base and cultural differences, the additional effort put forth by the team is very helpful. I have always found the team to be professional, attentive and high value add partners."

Nobuo Matsuki, Managing Partner, MKS Consulting Limited

"Our relationship with Delphi began in 1997, during which time we have found them to be both durable and dependable, helping us with innovative solutions to intractable problems. They have been accommodating and flexible when required through the good times and the not so good times! Their independent counsel and clear thinking have helped tremendously."

Private Client