Technology Systems

Delphi’s technology platform has its genesis in industry standard software applications that are embedded in our client service delivery platform. Our core technology is upgraded frequently as product enhancements from vendors provide better client solutions. Our systems handle all those items usually expected of a bespoke service provider, including multi currency, different security types, accruals, recording of corporate actions and all other relevant features. In addition to core level technologies used to deliver much of our reporting, we also seamlessly utilize other product packages where a specific need or specialty exists. This would be the case for anti-money laundering services, online reporting, specialty banking platforms and trading platforms, and real time market reporting services.

Finally, our information technology team has developed unique solutions for clients where the need cannot be practically filled using technology otherwise available. For example, the team has developed a AML/KYC platform linking all investor data on a single click basis to regulatory documentation without the need to refer to paper documentation.

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