Why Bermuda

Bermuda is an established offshore financial hub for international businesses. While it often comes as a surprise that this small island is one of the world’s top fiscal centres, Bermuda offers a tax neutral, industry friendly environment and a reputation built upon a history of economic, political and social stability.

Bermuda has no corporate, profit, income, inheritance, gift, withholding or capital gains taxes. The regulatory system is progressive and aims to protect the integrity of the jurisdiction while maintaining international standards and an appealing business environment. The Bermuda Monetary Authority supervises and regulates banks, investment professionals, financial companies, hedge funds, and various other investment vehicles.

Bermuda’s highly developed legal, business and economic infrastructure provides sophisticated banking, financial, accounting and e-commerce services to Bermuda’s two key industries – international business and tourism.

Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of the United States. Offering an advantageous time zone and easy access to and from international airports, the world’s top financial centres are always within reach. Bermuda is less than 800 miles southeast of New York City, or 90 minutes by plane, and 3,350 miles from London, or seven hours by plane.